- your OpenID provider
What is OpenID?

OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign-in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords. OpenID is an open authentication technology with central storage of identification information.

After filling out the form and the registration on (aka, you get an unique OpenID identifier allows you to:

  • sign-in to multiple websites with your OpenID;
  • do no filling out the registration forms on websites;
  • centrally store the identification data on the OpenID server;
  • manage the transfer of your identity to the third-party web services;
  • control the website list that use your OpenID.

With OpenID, you can sign-in to websites, that support this technology. OpenID is widespread and available on the most popular web services, including Live Journal, Ru-Tube, BLOGGER, CLEARBITS.NET, LOL.COM, and others.

The putting the form on the OpenID server allows you to easily edit your user profile and add the new information. You shouldn't manually change your own profile data on lots of the websites you are registered, the changes will automatically be forwarded by the OpenID provider. It only remains to choose the provider you trust.

Register on as soon as possible and get more chances to own the "beautiful" OpenID.

More information about OpenID technology can be found on the OpenID Foundation official site.