- your OpenID provider
What is OpenID?

OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords.

How to get an OpenID?

You should fill out the following fields in the registration form:

  1. Username – Depending on this field you will be given OpenID: You should use only letters, numbers and dashes.
  2. Full name
  3. Email
  4. Password – password of your OpenID account. Must contain at least 8 characters. Any character except Cyrillic letters.

What is your account and how to manage it?

After the registration on, the account will be created on the OpenId server. The account contains the necessary information to identify the user who is connecting to the system. You can change the password and email on the page "Account settings" (Account).

What is purpose of the personal page?

Only after accepting your OpenID you can create the personal page. Internet address looks like this:
You can control the information below "Personal page" on this page.

Why should I fill out the form?

You are not required to fill out the form. But the website authorization can require the stored information, for example: date of birth, nickname, blog, etc. Our service allows you to obtain different nicknames, additional email addresses and full names using any of them to different websites. You can create the custom form fields by adding "Field name" and "Value".

What is the nickname and what's different between the nickname and the OpenID username?

The OpenID username is unique in our service and also you can use the OpenID username as nickname. However, this nickname could be already registered by another user on other websites. Hence, in our service you have the opportunity to create several nicknames and apply them to website authorizations.

What is the trusted website?

After the OpenID authorization, websites will be added to the trusted list by clicking on "Trust always" or "Trust issue date". ("Trust until"). If you choose "Don’t remember website", the next website authorization should be repeated. Using your profile, the server automatically sends the information to trusted websites without further confirmation. It is only recommended to add to the trusted list the security and integrity websites you absolutely make sure.

How to use my OpenID?

You can register or sign-in to OpenID-enabled sites by entering your own OpenID. In this way, select the register with OpenID and enter your OpenID:

Why do I get "Error OpenID" when I try to authorize on

To avoid error messages for the OpenID authorization on, enter your OpenID with the "http://" prefix.