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OpenID RU-CENTER Schedule («»)
1. Definitions – - the service provided by the Company, allows users to get a personal OpenID RU-CENTER for the authorization access on websites with OpenID technology.

Company - Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Regional Network Information Center” (RU-CENTER).

User - a person who requires to get an OpenID RU-CENTER.

OpenID RU-CENTER – a third-level domain name like

Website – an internet resource with an authorize access to it using OpenID. You should have an internet connection and an account on so that you can get the OpenID RU-CENTER autherization.

Personal page – the user information materials, available in the Internet at the following address:

Information materials — any text or graphic materials placed on the personal pages, including the materials with the hyperlinks to other Internet resources.

Login and password – are used to get the account access.

2. General Terms

2.1. This document governs the relationship between the Сompany and the User, resulting in obtaining and using OpenID RU-CENTER by User.

2.2. The Company may change the terms hereof. The new version of the Rules will come into force in 5 days after its publication on the Company's website, at

2.3. For getting OpenID RU-CENTER User should register in database of the Company. Registration means his agreement with terms hereof.

2.4. After registration User receives a unique OpenID RU-CENTER and an access to his account. User is responsible for all activities performed using this identifier. User will promptly notify the Company of any unauthorized use his OpenID RU-CENTER by third party. The Company is not responsible for the adverse consequences for the User, the onset of which may be due to loss of password or login or transfer your password or login to third parties.

2.5. The Company is not responsible for the content of Information materials posted by the User and for any losses incurred by third parties as a result of their use of Information materials published by the User.

3. Service Description

User personal OpenID RU-CENTER existence allows him to have access to websites which are supported with the authorization OpenID technology. User self-organizes its access to the Internet.

4. User Obligations

4.1. User should not transfer his personal OpenID RU-CENTER to third parties, and use the OpenID RU-CENTER of third parties.

4.2. User is responsible for possible violation of applicable law when placing information on his personal page and passing the registration procedure for obtaining personal OpenID RU-CENTER. The Company does not have any verification of Information materials posted by users and assumes no responsibility for their content.

4.3. User should not use personal OpenID RU-CENTER to carry out activities prohibited by the legislation of Russia, including distribution and advertising of pornographic material, incitement to violence, extremist activities, the overthrow of the government and others, as well as activity contrary to public interest, principles of humanity and morality that offend human dignity or religious feelings, etc. The Company has the right to self-assess activity of the user for violations of the law, including in cases where the definition of such action is not fixed regulations. Determination of pornographic materials published on the website at

4.4. User will not commit activities that contribute to misuse of the Service Company, including impairing the support of its performance by the Company.

4.5. Company does not preview the content of Information materials published by users prior to disposal. The company also has the right to refuse in placing information or removing them if it considers that publication of such information violates the rights of third parties or contradict the current legislation of Russia.

4.6. The user agrees to provide valid data for the registration, and to promptly inform the Company about their change. When submitting the User unreliable information, the Company has the right to refuse in providing service to the User.

4.7. User agrees not to make technical or other activities not authorized by the Company, entailing the infliction of damages to the Company or third parties.

4.8. User agrees not to use personal OpenID RU-CENTER to create, use, dissemination Information materials that violate the laws of Russia or the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, and malware computer programs (virus). User will be solely liable to third parties for infringement of their rights, as well as independently and at their own expense agrees to settle claims of third parties relating to its activities.

4.9 User agrees:
A) Not to use personal page but only as a link to another Web page.
B) Not to place on the personal page:

  • defamatory information, rendering moral harm or damage to reputation of third parties, threats, incitement to violence, incitement to racial or other hatred;
  • pornographic material, including their advertising, as well as advertising sexual services;
  • information that offends the religious feelings of believers of all denominations;
  • obscene language;
  • information or objects that violate intellectual property rights of their holders;
  • links to internet resources, whose content is contrary to the current legislation of Russia.

C) Not to perform any actions that impede the normal operation of technical equipment of the Company.

The service for OpenID RU-CENTER can be terminated by the Company in the event the User violates any of the above obligations.

5. Termination of Service

The Company may at any time to remove the Information materials for breach terms hereof, either temporarily or permanently block access to user account and at its discretion temporarily or permanently disable the service.

6. Company Rights

Project (design, software and other of its components) is proprietary, copyrighted and any unauthorized use is prohibited. After receiving the personal identifier OpenID RU-CENTER User is able to use the software provided by the Company. The User may not modify the program.